130 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast February 5th, 2022

In the Middle East in the United Arab Emirates to be precise, Bahrain has signed an MoU. Bahrain Clear with the Securities Clearing Centre company Muqassa, which is of course the central counterparty division of the Tadawul Group in Saudi Arabia.
12 min read

128 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast January 22nd, 2022

The European Union has given itself three more years to end Euro clearing reliance on London went the Reuters headline this week.
13 min read

Exchange Invest 2249: It’s Time For MAGA!

I noted yesterday that the UK House of Lords Economic Affairs committee was dissing CBDC. However, on a more detailed look, it appears they have got the answer at least 98% right. Reading beyond the raw headlines reveals their Lordships would like to see more evidence on a wholesale CBDC.
10 min read