Kevin O'Leary


Exchange Invest 2592: Indo-European CCP Confusion

“In reality, bitcoin has been through four crashes now and recovered each time. That makes it different from a pure asset bubble. Tulips never recovered in price, neither did the South Sea company ever come back from its collapse.
8 min read

Exchange Invest 2533: SBF’s Brazen Brazillian?

Inmate 14372 is perilously likely to spend Christmas and New Year in the Bahamas’ rather less than 5 star condo penthouse class formerly branded as “His Majesty's Prison Fox Hill.”
20 min read

Exchange Invest 2530: Coin Unfriends Tether

SBF appears to be maintaining his hail Mary pass where his sheer winning magnetism dazzles everybody watching that he isn’t an incompetent crook, La Ellison may be about to extract sufficiently brutal revenge on her ex-paramour cum business partner...
15 min read

Exchange Invest 2510: Fundamentally Tarnished Exchange

After all the shenanigans surrounding the strictly Hindu vegetarian Chitra Ramkrishna and her NSE cabal, I think the one positive to be discerned from the SBF/FTX farago is further proof that indeed plant based diets can deliver a lot of energy.
24 min read

126 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast January 8th, 2022

New York Stock Exchange money raise. By early December it was $191.38 billion on NASDAQ versus $109.25 billion on NYSE
12 min read

Exchange Invest 2021: Weekend Edition W/ Podcast

Unrest in Shanghai, a possible deal foible in Milan, and Saudi Arabia's Tadawul goes joint stock company in preparation for IPO.
5 min read