Kevin Brady


Exchange Invest Festive Edition 2545: Regulation: FTX And All That Malarkey

Gary Gensler meanwhile did what he does best - divide opinion (execution which he also managed at CFTC appears to have escaped him as he crusaded with super-zeal to make the basis of the SEC an agency that can impact almost every angle of corporate life:
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Exchange Invest Weekend Edition 2529: Sexist Economics

Britain’s forgotten 5 million, India’s emergence? A new US golden age? Finding a real Emperor everybody thought fake…
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Kevin Brady: A2X A Market For All

Kevin Brady is a co-founder and the CEO of A2X Markets a licenced, regulated Stock Exchange created along with Sean Melnick and Ashley Mendelowitz in 2014 to bring healthy competition to the South African equity market and break the 130 year-long JSE monopoly.
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Exchange Invest 2527: ICE Cap Warnings

PLY: Dig a bit deeper - go look at Bahamian US dollar government debt - what does that yield of 13.3% - after a stupendous rally through autumn - tell you? Clearly, there are issues to the Bahamas finances.
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163 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast October 1st, 2022

Over at the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) earnings are -42% on the year, net profit -398.7 million Pakistani rupees (which is $1.64 million in hard currency).
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162 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast September 24th, 2022

NYSHEX (New York Shipping Exchange) has closed a $25 million Series B round to improve the reliability and efficiency of global shipping. Very exciting.
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