Jim Chanos


174 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast December 17th, 2022

the European Union/ European Commission, as well as an exchange whose monopoly has long since atrophied, ASX and indeed their former best days (so long as they were passing through tens of millions from the ASX HQ) DAH (albeit anonymously).
11 min read

146 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast June 4th, 2022

new crypto exchange was on its way this time with a Pan-African twist Thulani Mthunzi was a dissatisfied customer of other crypto exchanges who decided to build a better mousetrap in the form of Mansa Musa
11 min read

137 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast March 26th, 2022

The Moscow Stock Exchange has had various limited reopenings for business, it’s anything but businesses usual as the Sydney Morning Herald noted during the course of this week while over in India
14 min read