Jeff Tessler


Exchange Invest 1266: June 28, 2018

Issue 1266 of Exchange Invest coincides with the year when France first minted gold écu and silver grosh coins
4 min read

Exchange Invest 1242: May 24, 2018

Exchange Invest Daily Edition 1242 opens by saying thanks for the overwhelming support amongst the parish, we’re well on the way to a successful sweep of subscriptions!
4 min read

Exchange Invest 1222: April 25, 2018

Exchange Invest Daily Edition 1222 coincides with the engine capacity of the remarkable mid-1970’s Citroen GS Pallas (a unique driving/engineering experience).
6 min read

Exchange Invest 1204: March 27, 2018

Exchange Invest Daily Edition 1204 coincides with the the Sack of Constantinople in 1204 AD the culmination of the fourth crusade with a 3 day pillage including seizure of the antique statues by the Republic of Venice to become the horses of Saint Mark.
4 min read

Exchange Invest 631: November 12 2015

#SHockHorrorProbe The dynamics of this deal are that John Phizackerley TNT CEO gets a huge business to restructure through reducing headcount while Michael Spencer gets his core ICAP assets revalued as a cutting-edge electronic market infrastructure group...
6 min read