Henrik Hasselknippe


Exchange Invest 2557: Xpansiv Fundraising

Over in Bitcarnage, it’s curious to report that an asset that is one eighth bid on the dollar is being perceived as bombed out but it’s actually a better return than buying Coinbase stock at the highs
10 min read

Exchange Invest 2437: BSE CEO Race

The race heats up for the new BSE CEO after Ashish Chauhan went over to head NSE.
5 min read

155 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast August 6th, 2022

New Zealand Exchange is establishing a Corporate Governance Institute and ex-chair James Miller says the purpose of the new body
11 min read

Henrik Hasselknippe: Holistic Renewable Energy & Carbon

Henrik Hasselknippe is Head of XMarkets, the Xpansiv portfolio of open, transparent exchanges that enable the seamless transaction of renewable energy, carbon, water, and Digital Fuels.
1 min read

132 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast February 19th, 2022

One exchange closure this week, the Indian Commodity Exchange (ICEX) is shutting its doors and applied to be delisted with the Securities and Exchange Board of India the regulator, SEBI.
9 min read

131 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast February 12th, 2022

The Moscow Exchange - fabulous news there we have reported in the past in this podcast that they had three and a bit million investors on the platform just a couple of years ago that reached a giddy 8.8 million traders last year.
9 min read