Helen Lofthouse


Exchange Invest Festive Edition 2540: Technology

Some highlights of stories by topic you may recall, may have forgotten, may want to forget (sorry!) or which help remind you about what was a frantic year in the parish of markets…
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173 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast December 10th, 2022

the IFC backed Ghana WRS (Warehouse Receipt System), in collaboration with the Ghana Commodities Exchange (GCX) has been launched in partnership with four savings and loan companies.
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Exchange Invest 2526: ASX Board Checkmate?

Jeff Sprecher was at the Goldman Sachs exchange investor conference yesterday and spoke pure unadulterated common sense. Hopefully soon the blob will catch up and stop pandering to the faux exceptionalism of the crypto crowd.
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Exchange Invest 2510: Fundamentally Tarnished Exchange

After all the shenanigans surrounding the strictly Hindu vegetarian Chitra Ramkrishna and her NSE cabal, I think the one positive to be discerned from the SBF/FTX farago is further proof that indeed plant based diets can deliver a lot of energy.
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155 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast August 6th, 2022

New Zealand Exchange is establishing a Corporate Governance Institute and ex-chair James Miller says the purpose of the new body
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152 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast July 16th, 2022

Cooperation in the Middle East, Bahrain bourse and Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) have launched Tabadul. The Tabadul Exchange hub will be providing all manner of information
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Exchange Invest 2401: July 13, 2022

…Trouble is it’s the executive churn which is concerning AFR’s Chanticleer with the CFO departing and the incoming CEO’s only avowed policy being to maintain the CHESS replacement shambles at a 50-100 million AUD cost per year.
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147 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast June 11th, 2022

the Vietnam Stock Exchange however, they’d have good news that their after tax profits rose to $57.91 million.
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Exchange Invest 2366: June 02, 2022

Given the half-baked chaos left behind by leaving a bunch of “white blokes talking to white blokes about being white blokes” as the incomparable Cindy Gallop terms the prevailing management status quo, the ASX has stayed inside the organisation...
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