Harvey Pitt


197 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast June 10th, 2023

Adam Smith 300 - No, that's not a NASCAR race!, Xavier Rolet skewers London’s market problems, Binance D Day gives way to Coinbase getting sued too and TTF is back, baby! - as Bigworld meets the parish of bourses head on!
12 min read

Exchange Invest 2673: Pitt Dies

SEC Chairman Harvey Pitt has died at 78. Meanwhile, alongside our legacy markets news, it’s one of those Bitcarnage days you can’t afford to avoid…
10 min read

Exchange Invest Festive Edition 2545: Regulation: FTX And All That Malarkey

Gary Gensler meanwhile did what he does best - divide opinion (execution which he also managed at CFTC appears to have escaped him as he crusaded with super-zeal to make the basis of the SEC an agency that can impact almost every angle of corporate life:
8 min read

154 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast July 30th, 2022

European Federation of Securities Exchanges they’ve produced their essential reading on the 2021 year for European stock trading the European exchange report.
12 min read

Exchange Invest 2411: July 25, 2022

Over in Europe there is a suggestion on consolidated tape pragmatism by one of the few grown ups in the EUroParl kindergarten while overall it’s a frantic Monday edition, happy scrolling:
14 min read

Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast 031

The bewilderment that greeted news that the world’s second-largest exchange group had considered buying eBay is unlikely to faze its chief executive Jeffrey Sprecher.
16 min read