Geoffrey Odundo


184 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast March 11th, 2023

Have ICE Black Knight got ahead of FTC? Is the Refinitiv deal working?FTX has an $8.9 billion shortfall and NYSE posits a broad coalition for reform.
11 min read

Exchange Invest 2600: Refinitiv Deal Working?

The question today is not so much how aligned Coinbase may be but rather is there going to be an attempt to take down Binance given it continues to attract the ‘FUD-4!’ folk amongst even the US political establishment?
13 min read

117 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast October 23rd, 2021

NASDAQ results rock the week as DB1 has an outbreak of growth, and CBOE buys a digital arm in ErisX while in listings, Bakkt SPAC a Go Go, and Nigeria's NGX is listed too.
9 min read