Gary Wang


Exchange Invest 2591: Zelensky Sanctions MOEX

Now Gazza G spent the weekend stuck on Third Base with his crypto crackdown but is the home run coming this week or next?
10 min read

Exchange Invest 2564: FTX Lazarus?

Can FTX really rise from the dead? Meanwhile Binance is named as a major counterparty to the decapitated by DOJ exchange Bitzlato and lots of legacy exchange news as ICE seeks to revolutionize energy trade paperwork.
16 min read

Exchange Invest 2560: LSE Young & Scrappy

…All of the above is a touch sobering methinks but then again new bull markets occur while the headlines are overwhelmingly pessimistic. In this case, at least half of the requirement is clearly being met.
10 min read

Exchange Invest 2550: SBF Pleads Not Guilty

We dunno who is backing his bail, nor to what extent (the usual 10% seems implausible) but SBF is out until October 2nd when his trial date has been set…
12 min read

Exchange Invest 2539: SBF’s Home!

SBF has migrated in the opposite direction to the lovely summer birds and ended Wednesday under SDNY jurisdiction and probably a long stay in a US fleapit remand prison - worse than the relatively cushy reality of his Bahamas detention it will likely transpire.
14 min read

Exchange Invest 2512: Bahamas Flex On FTX

Just as FTX weren’t doing their paperwork and introduced an emoji GUI to expenses payment while it seems carelessly forgetting to actually introduce stuff like accounting, or governance…
18 min read

Exchange Invest 2506: Lawyers Circling FTX

till can't help but feel he didn't mean it to happen that way but $26 billion to zero in a matter of months, $16 bln to zero in a week outpaced the worst options time decay I can recall too.
9 min read