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Exchange Invest 2475 Weekend Edition: China Questions Free Markets

No magic money tree but the west isn’t listening as China Questions free markets. Contrasting Bankers/Techno, Ukraine/Language, HK/Malaga…
5 min read

Exchange Invest 2451 Weekend Edition: From Truss To Bust?

Narain is nicked. Another former National Stock Exchange of India CEO gets arrested. There's a tale of Two JSE’s over in Johannesburg, it's curtains for the plan Technology Board while in Jamaica, optimism remains around the junior market.
7 min read

Exchange Invest 2407: July 20, 2022

“There is no greater catalyst for improving the human condition.” as Michael Blaugrund noted today. One area where NYSE could have been criticised during the Covid lockdown fiasco was in being relatively mute as a promoter of free markets.
6 min read

Exchange Invest 1727: Supporting Open Free Markets

Issue 1727 of Exchange Invest coincides with the year George Frederic Handel became a British subject
3 min read