Euro Clearing


Exchange Invest 2592: Indo-European CCP Confusion

“In reality, bitcoin has been through four crashes now and recovered each time. That makes it different from a pure asset bubble. Tulips never recovered in price, neither did the South Sea company ever come back from its collapse.
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Exchange Invest 2284: February 24, 2022

Market Begs EC For More Time To Mull Euro Clearing Proposals: PLY: Haste is now added to closed-mindedness, paranoia and panic in the EU approach to clearing their beloved endangered (delete as you prefer) Euro…
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Exchange Invest Issue 1017: JUNE 16 2017

Issue 1017 is 100 beyond the legendary Porsche sports prototype and appropriate as we await the excitement of the Le Mans 24 hour race...
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Exchange Invest 939: FEBRUARY 23 2017

The 939 was the 1980 924 Carrera GTP prototype built for Le Mans. While the cars at one time ran a remarkable 6/7/8, they finished 6, 12 and 13.
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