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Exchange Invest 2518: Energy Bubbles

PLY: Clearly the UK has a problem as its current useless socialist government will be voted out soon to be replaced by a really left wing administration - when suitably bankrupt, we might get a common sense outbreak of government but…
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Exchange Invest 2482: Six In Play?

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Exchange Invest 2465: ICE Collateralize Hot Air

After all the dismal whinging and inaccurate attacks on free markets by people who ought to know better (as well as the EU/EC), ICE are tweaking their collateral rules, allowing emission allowance certificates to become collateral,...
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Exchange Invest 2462: NYSE Tokyo Co-Op

PLY: Gutless was not a g-word we thought would be seen alongside “Gary Gensler” but it’s fully in view now he has bottled his original zeal for PFOF reform. A very odd moment in the history of the Gensler Chairmanship of SEC which suggests his intrusive agenda is in trouble.
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Exchange Invest 2455: EU SOTU Woof!

There is a certain relief to discover the crass ineptitude of VDL and her merry band at the EC but it’s scary. It’s not so much TTF as W_T_F!
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Exchange Invest 2447: Energy Market Meltdown.

The damning news for Europe is that even JP Morgan, led by Euro poodle and perennial Davos man on the wrong side of future trends, Jamie Dimon, has begun moving staff ex-Frankfurt to London in order to avoid working by candlelight (presumably while powering Bloomberg terminals with pedal power?).
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Exchange Invest 2442: EEX Power Stress

Elsewhere analysts pondering who wins / loses in the Sino-US audit agreement and there’s more albeit a perennially quiet day in the parish calendar mid way between UK hols and US Labor Day with India and other markets closing at some stage this week too.
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