Exchange Invest 2608: S-Bank Hell

Moscow profits jump as the market battles to escape the ravages of Putin’s Ukrainian invasion while over in crypto, it’s another day of Bitcarnage leading to a stressful weekend for many.
11 min read

Exchange Invest 2557: Xpansiv Fundraising

Over in Bitcarnage, it’s curious to report that an asset that is one eighth bid on the dollar is being perceived as bombed out but it’s actually a better return than buying Coinbase stock at the highs
10 min read

Exchange Invest 2532: Bad Day for Inmate 14372

Arresting SBF on the eve of his testimony to Maxine Waters’ Committee was either a work of genius (ridding SBF of a major stage) or dumb (ridding SBF of a chance to incriminate himself under oath) or a total conspiracy to cover up his crimes...
14 min read

Exchange Invest 2530: Coin Unfriends Tether

SBF appears to be maintaining his hail Mary pass where his sheer winning magnetism dazzles everybody watching that he isn’t an incompetent crook, La Ellison may be about to extract sufficiently brutal revenge on her ex-paramour cum business partner...
15 min read

Exchange Invest 2513: Bitarnage - Contagion Tuesday

Tragic death of NZX board stalwart, still pumped at the AELP linking African exchanges even if the dollar store Afro one dominates the headlines as we reckon he is getting his mid-life crisis in early.
13 min read

Exchange Invest 2504: Fashionistas Dump FTX

NB: Caroline Ellison (former Alameda co-CEO) is viral on Twitter “being comfortable with risk very important. We don’t use any stop losses. I think those aren’t a good risk management tool.”
16 min read