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Exchange Invest 2621: Makepeace Reforms The Band

It’s a FTSE deja vu for Mark Makepeace, albeit in a format better suited to the digital age than the stodgy LSEG. FT and SGX are partnering with a new Wilshire Index business under the direction of “Mr FTSE” - a fantastic fruition to his first year with Wilshire.
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Exchange Invest Weekend Edition 2619: From AI to Obsolescence

Chinese IDB Data Cut; FTX and their GUBU Loans; LME get hit with a minor warrant issue in Nickel; B3 are All In On Vermiculus; Happy 160 years to Stockholm; And there's a big Swiss Imbalance in the shareholder register
6 min read

Exchange Invest 2616: Swiss Imbalance

If you don’t know UBS acquired Credit Suisse last weekend (faster than the CS PR dept could say “merger of equals, oh wait a moment…”) then I envy your clearly commodious sub rock abode.
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Exchange Invest 2482: Six In Play?

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094 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast May 15th, 2021

Australia threatens Chess Nationalisation, Xav-SPAC a go-go, and its business as usual at TP ICAP as another set of results prove very
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093 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast May 8th, 2021

ICE has taken their leave of Coinbase with a stunning return well beyond the pixels of Exchange Invest, PLY has been celebrating the first month of Murban in The National while the EU Open Access proposal is dying as Brexit Britain takes the initiative, meanwhile, CME closes all but one pit.
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Exchange Invest 2040: CBOE beats estimates

Diversity, pomposity all the way to velocity and more in today’s Exchange Invest, it deserves a full scroll...
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Exchange Invest 2007: Young’s Pyramid Update

First quiet day of the year and with a Coinbase DPO delayed, a look at the top tier of Young’s Pyramid of Exchanges.
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Swiss Options

So, the Swiss exchange is clearly rooted in Switzerland but at the same time in a tricky position as the EU is treating it disgracefully while domestically it has a tricky balancing act to keep the 'rest' as well the 'big 2' onside.
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Exchange Invest 615: October 21 2015

It’s time for another round of bank recapitalising as Credit Suisse seeks a cool 6 billion or so...and that seems to be at the low end of estimates.
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NY AG - Barclays Dark Pool Brief

This article is a must read - whether you agree with it or not.
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