Sometimes You Need A Plumber

We have a letter which has been written to ESMA boss Steven Maijoor which, alas, actually does have more than a tinge of April Fool surrealism about it.
10 min read

Freedom to Clear: Euros!

The British victory over “policy location” is a huge fillip for freedom to invest and marks a remarkable boost to the UK and the City of London which remains the heart of the European financial firmament..
2 min read

Homer Simpson & The Supermodel Buffet - aka a Guide to Clearing in the New Era

...Instead of the catwalk divas, in wanders Homer Simpson, Barney Gumble and all the regulars of Moe’s Tavern from the Simpson’s tv show. Eager to clean your buffet many times over, probably consuming full plates of tofu with a single gulp.
3 min read