Chris Messina


Exchange Invest 2041: Vaccine = NYSE Floor Reopening

Dark pools, Divorce, dematerialisation, derivatives, deals and much else besides, it’s a kind of D-Day in Sesame, er, the parish...
7 min read

Exchange Invest 2040: CBOE beats estimates

Diversity, pomposity all the way to velocity and more in today’s Exchange Invest, it deserves a full scroll...
12 min read

Exchange Invest 2039: Weekend Edition W/ Podcast

PLY: Latest Opinion piece by PLY, this time in UAE newspaper The National, all about the rise and rise of Murban futures thanks to the incredible rise of the 504 day project which delivered IFAD - ICE Futures Abu Dhabi and is now demonstrating volume...
6 min read

Exchange Invest 2011: Weekend Edition W/ Podcast

CBOE buys CHi-X APAC: making the Australian monopoly ASX 'only' the second largest exchange group in Sydney as worries rise about the LSEG purchase of Refinitiv and FEX launches in Australia.
5 min read