Changpheng Zhao


Exchange Invest 2563: God Mode

We’re discussing God mode in Bitcarnage today while Nasdaq Private Markets buy a data channel and Schwab report results as ICE highlights ESG product certification increases.
8 min read

Exchange Invest 2558: FCA Says No To LME?

…Perhaps the only interesting point is that SBF not only feels wronged by CZ and John J Ray III but also Sullivan & Cromwell - which leaves him and 4 Senators (EI 2557) on the same side regarding the latter law firm albeit from different perspectives.
11 min read

Exchange Invest 2534: SEC Attacks PFOF

As the tabloids make mischief suggesting SBF’s Mom has been ringing the jail to get strict vegan food sent to Inmate 14372, I had some splendid correspondence from commodity expert Ann Berg who noted the origins of Effective Altruism in Jeremy Bentham's Utilitarian movement.
9 min read

Exchange Invest 2000: FEX Global Prepares For Launch

FEX Global the Australian exchange which has been in a sort of ‘plain sight stealth mode’ for some time will start trading March 26th...
9 min read