Catherine Mcbride


Exchange Invest Weekend Festive Edition 2541 Part I

*Rather reminiscent to the many who troughed funds from the government to bail out their lifestyles as opposed to their businesses when Covid first hit.
6 min read

Exchange Invest 2526: ASX Board Checkmate?

Jeff Sprecher was at the Goldman Sachs exchange investor conference yesterday and spoke pure unadulterated common sense. Hopefully soon the blob will catch up and stop pandering to the faux exceptionalism of the crypto crowd.
9 min read

Catherine McBride: After Brexit Where Next For World Trade?

Catherine McBride is a senior Economist, writing and researching about international trade, agricultural trade and innovation, financial service regulation, corporate governance, competition and public policy.
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137 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast March 26th, 2022

The Moscow Stock Exchange has had various limited reopenings for business, it’s anything but businesses usual as the Sydney Morning Herald noted during the course of this week while over in India
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