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Bourses As Businesses - Good or Bad? with Arthur Fisher

Artur Fisher has a strong background in technology. His degree in electronics specializing in High Frequency Communication led to a managing a short-wave transmitter station at the Rhein Main MAC working for the US Signal Assessment Unit and then real time computer systems for Television Studios.

Artur becoming the Director managing the Frankfurt Stock Exchange trading floor delivering Products like the DAX Index.

With experience in a UK based mortgage lender, Arthur returned to Germany, specifically Berlin after the wall came down working as a Director of Bankgesellschaft Berlin responsible for implementing trading floors and Risk Management Systems in Berlin, London, Dublin, and Luxemburg.

Then Artur spent 12 productive years as joint CEO of the Berlin Stock Exchange, executive Chairman of Equiduct Ltd. in London and EASDAQ NV in Belgium. Artur was also an MD of the public Law office of the Berlin Senate implementing with a team of lawyer’s regulatory measures associated with the Stock Exchange under EU Law.

A serial board member in various jurisdictions, Artur has also featured regularly on the BBC, Bloomberg and Phoenix Hong Kong News discussing European economic affairs.