Big Data


Exchange Invest 1053: August 08, 2017

Very encouraging numbers from TP ICAP. LSE blinks and does a deal with Euronext who were utterly immaterial to LSE just a few months back (when Euronext walked into the arms of ICE Amsterdam CCP).
5 min read

On Palantir And NASDAQ

Palantir engaged in a “somewhat wacky brainstorm” with Nasdaq about potential projects beyond security, according to an email from Melody Hildebrandt, a top executive in Palantir’s commercial division.
4 min read

Gordon Bennett! Low Latency Data At the New York Yacht Club?

James Gordon Bennett Jr was a truly larger than life publishers often are who have to muddle their way through the 19th century on a modest 1 million dollar per annum allowance.
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