Beijing Stock Exchange


201 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast July 8th, 2023

This week in the parish of bourses and market structure: New DB1 CEO is scheduled for 2024, 63 Moons has another Bagatelle deal, Brian Winterflood Dies, And we have GIFT Lift-Off
14 min read

182 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast February 25th, 2023

ASX eat sits writedown on the Digital Asset CHESS debacle, CZ’s $400 million shuffle, President Zelensky sanctions MOEX and there’s Indo-European CCP confusion
11 min read

170 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast November 19th, 2022

The stock exchange was closed during the dark days of communism in 1948 and only reopened after the Berlin Wall fell and indeed, when president Ceaușescu had been executed.
10 min read

160 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast September 10th, 2022

Ukraine’s President Zelenskiy ‘rings’ the New York Stock Exchange’s bell virtually this week. He’s seeking $400 billion in foreign investment.
9 min read

125 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast December 18th, 2021

Over in Hong Kong senior regulator, Ashley Alder is seeking a “Carbon Connect“ and the unified Vietnam Exchange (VNX) launched in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, as Nigeria's CCP Clearing House also got underway.
8 min read

122 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast November 27th, 2021

The European Union's letter to Santa Claus is leaked. And we have IPO records across the world even before we reach Thanksgiving for the calendar year.
12 min read

121 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast November 20th, 2021

Analysts demonstrate their net lack of ability over TP ICAP while Beijing Stock Exchange launches with a billion-dollar debut day and CBOE they're tweaking their global equity strategy with the addition of Aequitas / Neo in Canada - another good niche purchase.
12 min read

119 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast November 6th, 2021

CME results continue to disappoint as HongKong Exchanges have a record nine months spell and mudstone welter of results while SETL makes their DLT tech open source. ICE on the other hand was awesome revisited.
8 min read

114 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast October 2nd, 2021

IEX targets “Reddit Retail”, Beijing Stock Exchange already testing their SME platform, while we await the possibility of a China Crackdown. Meanwhile, the FCA says “No Time to Die for Libor”.
11 min read

111 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast September 11th, 2021

TPI ICAP Go full Biden with their disappointing results being trumpeted as a success while Beijing has a new stock exchange within eight minutes of President Xi Jinping trumpeting its existence.
7 min read