Exchange Invest 2682: Adena’s Adenza Cadenza

When it comes to making M&A, it’s lyrical stuff over at Nasdaq, as their mega-cloud gets to embrace AxiomSL and Calypso as part of a transformative $10.5 billion deal for Nasdaq. Fascinating move by Adena and the team.
11 min read

Exchange Invest 2534: SEC Attacks PFOF

As the tabloids make mischief suggesting SBF’s Mom has been ringing the jail to get strict vegan food sent to Inmate 14372, I had some splendid correspondence from commodity expert Ann Berg who noted the origins of Effective Altruism in Jeremy Bentham's Utilitarian movement.
9 min read

070 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast November 7th 2020

Abu Dhabi securities exchange have appointed a new CEO Saeed Hamad Obaid Al Dhaheri, who has a very strong pedigree in the local Abu Dhabi market.
8 min read